expert tree trimmer shaping tall shrub tree removal expert cutting down a tree in a yard

For those of us who have trees or large brush on our property, we know some of the drawbacks that they bring. We are responsible for caring for the trees and performing proper tree care in order to take preventative measures before an injury or property damage can occur. Tree maintenance is not something many of us typically learn, which is why Charleston Tree Service Co is here to help! One of the key responsibilities for tree owners when it comes to tree care, is maintaining the tree's health and its shape. Unfortunately, when it comes to some trees and bushes, we have to make the decision of trimming it, caring for it, and shaping it, or simply having the whole thing removed. This is not always a straightforward question. We love trees! They bring us shade, nature, habitats, and more, but some times, tree removal is the only thing left.

Leveraging a consultation by Charleston Tree Services, may allows you to avoid total tree removal and allow you to continue to enjoy the tree longer, and have it trimmed back. We are here to assist you in whichever direction you decide to go. That being said, we did want to offer you some help in making the decision, if you decide you would rather go with someone else - though we do not typically suggest that route ;).

Tree Trimming / Tree Pruning

If you love your tree and it is healthy, we often recommend having it trimmed. There are many options when it comes to trimming trees in Charleston, WV, and we want to make sure that you know about them. However, in the case of a dead, dying, poorly located, or otherwise problematic tree, it may not be enough to simply prune tree branches and call it good.

Charleston Tree Services' experts are able to remove dead or dying branches or other hazards that may carry risk to surrounding people, property, or other structures, and help re-shape the tree to its natural shape. We have carried on many tree trimming projects in order to keep trees on your property, but to remove the parts that make it less lovable. Our tree trimming services have become well loved by many of our repeat customers!

We typically suggest having any tree trimming or brush pruning performed in the later fall months or early winter months, while the tree has gone into a dormant stage. This allows any cuts to the tree to carry less risk of infection or disease as well as have minimal sap release, thus not "bleeding" the tree.

Ideally, you would be able to perform tree trimming every two to three years at the longest. This allows your tree to continue to grow into your desired shape, while maintaining its health and beauty. Having this service regularly performed allows you tree to continue to grow strong, without becoming a danger or eye-sore.

Tree Removal

As mentioned earlier, tree trimming is not always the answer. When you have a tree or large bush on your property that is causing damage to property or structures or carries some danger with it due to dead or dying branches, this tree is not safe to allow to continue to grow and should likely be removed. Left unattended these trees have the potential to destroy foundations, disrupt other structures and landscaping, or become a hazard in other ways. We regularly get some heavy storms in the Charelston , WV Area causing tree damage and other storm damage. These trees are the ones that we should be looking at to remove, as they can become very expensive if they were to fall. Altogether, it is better for you and more responsible to have these trees taken care of.

Typically the major hesitation we hear for hiring a professional tree removal service is the costs associated with having the tree cut down, stump removed, and the downed tree and branches cleaned up. The cost of this service is very specific to the tree or trees being removed. Specifically size, location, proximity to other things, type of tree, etc, can all be contributing factors in total cost. (WARNING: If a contractor claims to be able to quote you over the phone, hang up. They do not know what they are doing, and you could end up in danger with the job they perform.)

All-in-all, it will come down to your preference. Do you still enjoy the tree, but prefer it to be a little smaller and more maintained? Does the tree look to be in good health? Is it an unhealthy tree that needs to be removed? Are there some questionable branches on the tree that you want inspected? Whether you want the whole tree removed and stump removed or you just want the tree shaped and tree branches trimmed, Charleston Tree Services can help! As the top Tree Services Contractor in Charleston WV, we are happy to aid in your tree services project, regardless of size. Give us a call today at 304-814-2607 in order to schedule a free estimate!

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